Download GExperts

GExperts is provided to developers free of charge in both source code and binary format. Before downloading, you must read and agree to the license agreement. GExperts is 100% free of adware, spyware, and other junk you don’t want, and we only get a monetary benefit if you decide to donate.

Before installing any new version, please uninstall any older versions of GExperts.

See the Developer FAQ for Subversion information and instructions on how to obtain the latest source code. Please read Documentation\SourceCode.txt before attempting to compile GExperts.

Since Thomas Mueller has taken over most of the development and maintenance of GExperts, you may find a more recent release at if there is any delay in updating this web site.

GExperts 1.3.17 – October 2020

GExperts 1.3.16 (Old Release) – May 2020

GExperts 1.3.12 (Old Release) – December 2018

GExperts 1.3.11 (Old Release) – August 2018

GExperts 1.38 (Older Stable Release) – May, 2017

GExperts 1.37 (Older Stable Release) – Sept, 2012 – May, 2015

GExperts 1.36 (Older Stable Release) – December 30, 2011

GExperts 1.35 (Older Stable Release) – June 5, 2011

GExperts 1.34 (Older Stable Release) – January 5, 2011

Old Releases and Tools

GExperts 1.22 – January 5, 2005

There is also a utility to convert your Favorite Files, Code Librarian, and Code Proofreader data files from the GExperts 1.1 format to the GExperts 1.2 format.

GExperts 1.12 – September 14, 2002

You can also download the old source used in GExperts 1.1, but please don’t use this source as a foundation for future work.

Code Librarian Tips

Here is a collection of Delphi code snippets that integrate into the GExperts Code Librarian. These code snippets can be freely distributed and used in your programs:

  • Structured storage file for GExperts 1.2x/1.3x []
  • ClientDataSet for GExperts 1.1x (except Delphi/BCB 5 Professional) []
  • Paradox Database for GExperts 1.0x- and D5/BCB5 Professional []
  • Utility to convert old Paradox Code Librarian Databases to a ClientDataSet []

Delphi 3/4 Compatibility Notes

All versions of GExperts for Delphi 3 require Delphi 3.02. All versions of GExperts for Delphi 4 require Delphi 4.03. Please upgrade at The FAQ can help you with any problems. Please do not report bugs or request features for these old versions.

GExperts 1.01 – June 5, 2001

GExperts .98 – February 17, 2000

Very Old Releases

GExperts .90h for Delphi 2 (1.12 MB) is the last version to support Delphi 2, but is completely unsupported and is no longer maintained.

Just in case you are nostalgic for 1997, you can also download GExperts .72 for both Delphi 2 and Delphi 3.