Donate to GExperts

Donations are completely optional, and there aren’t any direct benefits to donating, except a warm fuzzy feeling you might get and our appreciation.

Donated money will be used to support advertising-free web hosting, domain registration fees, and to purchase software necessary to continue improving GExperts.  If monetary donations meet our expenses, we will suspend operation of this donation page.  As an example, we have incurred the following expenses while developing GExperts:

  • domain registration fees (17+ years): $500+
  • Web hosting (17+ years): $1500+
  • Software purchase costs: $1500+

A suggested donation is $20 (USD), but any amount will be accepted. You can donate using PayPal.  We are actively seeking a second payment method, so please contact us if you know of any good alternatives.

Donate via PayPal
(Credit Cards, PayPal Account)

If you prefer knowing that your donation goes only towards our web hosting and domain registration fees, you can also donate directly to help cover our hosting fees here:

Donate towards our web hosting bill!

You can also sign up for web hosting at Dreamhost using our referral link, and we get a discount on our web hosting fees.

Instead of donating money, you can also donate software.  Contact us via email if you are interested in donating a software package.  Several software packages have already been donated. See the credits for details.  For example, we need an upgrade to Help and Manual 7 to continue to generate our documentation.