GExperts Donations: Help and Manual 5 and FinalBuilder 6

A big thanks goes to EC Software for their donation of Help and Manual 5 that we use to generate our documentation.  We use Help and Manual because it is powerful, reliable, and can generate several output formats (html, chm, pdf, Word, exe, etc.) from a single source.

We also need to thank VSoft Technologies for the donation of their FinalBuilder 6 automated build tool.  GExperts has to be compiled for 8 different IDEs, and without FinalBuilder, our build and release process would be a huge task.  FinalBuilder makes the process fast, completely reliable, and (almost) fun.

Daniel Maltarollo and I have been working on a tool that allows GExperts to intelligently set the FocusControl property for all of a form’s labels at once.  I appreciate his help building that tool.