GExperts 1.37 for RAD Studio XE6

GExperts 1.37 is now available for download for RAD Studio XE6. We are not aware of any serious bugs in this release, but it has received limited testing due to the very recent release of RAD Studio XE6. Please report any problems you find using the feedback wizard in the about box. Note that the images in disabled GExperts main menu items appear an odd white rather than gray, but this appears to be a VCL bug in TImageList.GreyscaleFactor.

GExperts 1.37 Release with Support for XE5

GExperts 1.37 is finally available for download with support for RAD Studio XE5 as well as the older IDE releases such as Delphi 6 – RAD Studio XE4. The recent changes are described in the Readme.txt, but mainly involve adding an “Ignore Delphi Comments” grep search option and other small tweaks and bugfixes. This is likely to be the last GExperts release that will support the older IDEs before Delphi 2007.

Help Test RAD Studio XE3 Support in GExperts 1.37 Beta 1

We have initial support for Delphi/RAD Studio XE3 available for download in GExperts 1.37 Beta 1.  This includes a few small changes such as code preview for the Components to Code tool, better support for indented Message Dialog code, and a feature to close opened but unmodified files and force-show modified files when running Set Component Properties.  It also includes an initial attempt to re-introduce the Grep Search “Ignore Comments” feature.

GExperts 1.36 Release

GExperts 1.36 is now available for download for Delphi 6 through RAD Studio XE2.  This release also fixes errors some people were seeing with the replace components tool in XE/XE2 and includes several other minor features and fixes as detailed in the Readme.txt file.

GExperts 1.35 Release

GExperts 1.35 has been released and is available for download. It supports Delphi 6 – RAD Studio XE. The latest changes are documented in the Readme.txt, including subgroup support for grep regular expression search/replace, a fix for the bug reporting tool disappearing, and changes to allow multiple groups of favorite files and relative paths in your favorite file lists, to support project or task-specific favorite file lists.

GExperts 1.34 Release

GExperts 1.34 has been released and is available for download.  It supports Delphi 6 – RAD Studio XE.  The latest changes are documented in the Readme.txt, including XE support, a new tool to automatically set the FocusControl property of labels, grep search directory/file exclusion, and other small tweaks and fixes.

GExperts Donations: Help and Manual 5 and FinalBuilder 6

A big thanks goes to EC Software for their donation of Help and Manual 5 that we use to generate our documentation.  We use Help and Manual because it is powerful, reliable, and can generate several output formats (html, chm, pdf, Word, exe, etc.) from a single source.

We also need to thank VSoft Technologies for the donation of their FinalBuilder 6 automated build tool.  GExperts has to be compled for 8 different IDEs, and without FinalBuilder, our build and release process would be a huge task.  FinalBuilder makes the process fast, completely reliable, and (almost) fun.

Daniel Maltarollo and I have been working on a tool that allows GExperts to intelligently set the FocusControl property for all of a form’s labels at once.  I appreciate his help building that tool.