GExperts 1.38 with RAD Studio/Delphi 10.2 Tokyo Support

We have released GExperts 1.38 with support for RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin and 10.2 Tokyo. Tokyo support is considered an early beta release, but a few people have tested it with success. Please report any bugs you find using the Sourceforge issue tracker (requires a Sourceforge login) or the bug reporting tool in the GExperts about box. Thanks to Thomas Mueller who did most of the work for this release. Thomas also maintains the GExperts Google+ site, which you can track if you want more frequent updates on the project.

GExperts 1.38 Beta 1 with Support for RAD Studio 10

GExperts 1.38 Beta 1 with support for RAD Studio 10 and older releases is now available for download. We’ve done some limited testing with RAD Studio 10, but please report any issues you find using the bug reporting tool in the about box. The changes include RAD Studio 10 support and enhanced Unicode support in several tools (see the Readme.txt for more details).

GExperts 1.37 Update for RAD Studio XE6

A minor update for GExperts 1.37 for RAD Studio XE6 is now available for download. This minor update does not bring up the GExperts debug window on IDE startup and implements a partial workaround for some of the GExperts main menu images showing gray or invisible on some PCs. Disabled menu items might still be missing their images. The only workaround for that right now is to disable the ModernTheme200.bpl package in the IDE registry keys, which also reverts to the old IDE menu images.

GExperts 1.37 for RAD Studio XE6

GExperts 1.37 is now available for download for RAD Studio XE6. We are not aware of any serious bugs in this release, but it has received limited testing due to the very recent release of RAD Studio XE6. Please report any problems you find using the feedback wizard in the about box. Note that the images in disabled GExperts main menu items appear an odd white rather than gray, but this appears to be a VCL bug in TImageList.GreyscaleFactor.

GExperts 1.37 Release with Support for XE5

GExperts 1.37 is finally available for download with support for RAD Studio XE5 as well as the older IDE releases such as Delphi 6 – RAD Studio XE4. The recent changes are described in the Readme.txt, but mainly involve adding an “Ignore Delphi Comments” grep search option and other small tweaks and bugfixes. This is likely to be the last GExperts release that will support the older IDEs before Delphi 2007.